Bespoke Services 


Monosa1 provide learning disability and autism services in a range of bespoke, therapeutic environments to deliver timely individually tailored treatment programmes. Monosa1 aims to deliver effective and outcome-based services within person centred, professional care environments, in specialist supported living, and residential services. 

Monosa1 services have been specifically designed to provide small group or single person environments, replicating an ordinary living setting. This allows us to ensure that the right care is provided in the right place at the right time. We can accommodate people in small shared apartments which have an individual bedroom with en-suite facilities for each person and shared kitchen, dining and living spaces. These allow for the development of daily living skills aimed at more independent living.

Accommodation is provided separately to the support, although we can also help people to find a suitable place to live as well as provide their support. We support people to maintain their own tenancy agreements to ensure they remain in control of their lives. We have also developed bespoke individual services to enable people with complex autistic needs to leave long term institutional placements so that people can enjoy living in their own home with highly trained staff. We work closely with families to meet individual requirements and create individually tailored homes.


We encourage each person in our care to make their own decisions and choose their daily routines by providing a stable, comfortable and supportive environment where people can develop social and living skills and grow as individuals. All our support options are flexible and can adapt as individuals needs change. People may wish to start in a home sharing with other people and move into their own home later on, we respect every choice.

We put the people we support at the heart of everything we do. Our care begins with a comprehensive preadmission needs-led assessment. The individual and all stake holders will be included in the assessment process and our model of care is based on the principle that people with a learning disability and/or autism should lead as fulfilling lives as possible in the community.

Monosa1 focuses on a number of key strands

Monosa1 focuses on a number of key strands

  • Access to mainstream healthcare services

  • Person centred care and planning

  • Consistently highly skilled, confident and value driven workforce

  • Planned, proactive and co-ordinated care in the community

  • Choice and control being at the heart of all service provision and planning

  • We will develop a stepped range of community support services to enable people to live at home in the community

Our model is founded on the principles of

Our model is founded on the principles of

  • Transforming Care (DH 2015)

  • Valuing People (DH 2001)

  • Valuing People Now (DH 2009)

  • And reflects those principles enshrined in the National Service Model outlined in ‘Building the Right Support’ (NHS England, ADAS, LGA 2015).


By putting in place detailed support plans, risk assessments, and by working in partnership with all stake holders we help each individual to make choices and take control of their life. The plans include each person’s aspirations and goals and are developed alongside their personal views and preferences. Each person we support has a daily and weekly schedule that provides a fulfilling and active lifestyle. An individual support plan will be based on their assessed needs and the outcomes they wish to achieve.

Our staff are trained specifically for the people to whom they give support, and all staff are provided with basic training in autism and learning disabilities. Staff will also receive training in positive behaviour support with an emphasis on recognising and avoiding triggers, de-escalating situations and avoiding physical intervention wherever possible. Those supporting people with autism are trained on autism tools like SPELL, TEACHH and also on the sensory, communication and behavioural support needs of adults with autism.


Monosa1 will ensure that individuals with a learning disability and/or an additional need will be able to access the most appropriate service for their need, be it a physical health or a mental health need. We actively support and encourage each person under our care to access opportunities, activities and facilities that are open to everyone in the community. 


  • Work

  • College

  • Volunteering

  • Shopping

  • Contact with friends

  • Contact with family

  • Enjoying a hobby

  • Playing a sport

Our aim is to support individuals to live an independent life and really do what they want to do. We will thrive to ensure that people in our care have the most choice and independence.